From the Past to the Future

Welcome to the EIBA History Project!

This website is for all those interested in delving into the history of EIBA. Our Academy was born in 1974. Its first conference was held on 15th-16th December 1975 at CESA (Jouy-en-Josas, France). At this website you may learn about the evolution of EIBA.

You can discover some key events, including conferences and EIBA awards. And you will learn about people who played important role in EIBA’s development. If you have photos, videos, podcasts or texts, shedding light on various dimensions of EIBA’s history, please feel free to share them with us!

The website is organized in four parts: the chapters of EIBA’s History (or the characteristic phases of EIBA’s history); the highlights of an accompanying EIBA history book; media on EIBA history; and the team behind the EIBA history project.

You are welcome to explore this website. We wish you a pleasant excursion in travelling through time to learn more about the history of our Academy!

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Meet the Founders

Recording of the EIBA History Panel at the EIBA Conference 2020

The Chapters of EIBA’s History

Periodizing history is always somewhat arbitrary. However, it enables a more focused analysis of a stream of events. It contributes to highlighting ups and downs, moments of change, and presents different visions about the challenges faced at each stage. It may also show how the coalitions of people who have pushed EIBA forward have evolved.

As a result of the analysis carried out, seven periods were identified in the history of EIBA:

The Creation of EIBA (December 1975)

Teething troubles (1976-1981)

Bridging troubled waters (1982-1988)

Stabilising and expanding EIBA towards Southern and Eastern Europe (1989-1995)

Change at the turn of the century (1996-2002)

Consolidating the organisation (2003-2012)

A new generation at the helm (2013-2020)

The Book on EIBA’s History

It is time to make the EIBA history available to IB scholars and especially to the EIBA community!

A book on this theme is under development, and it is expected to be available in 2024. The book is not just about the history of EIBA. It frames this history in the context of the overall development of the IB field of scholarship in Europe. In fact, to better understand the evolution of EIBA, this has to be set against the backdrop of IB research in Europe.

The Media Collection on EIBA’s History

Besides several highlights stemming from the book on the EIBA history, this website includes a diverse set of materials aimed at recollecting EIBA’s history, initiatives and people. You find photos, videos, podcasts and texts, shedding light on various dimensions of that history.

Delve into the EIBA History Media Collection here.