EIBA History – The Book

Expected to be available in 2024!

It is time to make the EIBA history available to IB scholars and especially to the EIBA community!

A book on this theme is under development, and it is expected to be available in 2024. The book is not just about the history of EIBA. It frames this history in the context of the overall development of the IB field of scholarship in Europe. In fact, to better understand the evolution of EIBA, this has to be set against the backdrop of IB research in Europe.

The book is intended to enable current scholars, especially the youngest, to trace the history of the IB field in Europe, and the way in which key research themes in IB have changed as time went by. IB is a dynamic and inherently international field. But it is well known, including from the very research on IB, that a common set of issues may assume different nuances in distinct places. There has been a co-evolution between local conditions and the challenges faced by economic players and IB research themes. Since its inception, EIBA was envisaged to have a specific European ‘flavour’, while stimulating the interaction and cooperation between European scholars and those from other parts of the World. We do hope that by navigating through this website you will feel enticed to know more about both EIBA’s history and the development of European IB scholarship!